A transaction dealt through the London Stock Exchange which is a contract to buy or sell an agreed quantity of stock at an agreed price. Exchange Handbook Glossary
Term used for a share transaction.
See trade London Stock Exchange Glossary

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I. bargain bar‧gain 1 [ˈbɑːgn ǁ ˈbɑːr-] noun [countable]
1. something you buy cheaply or for less than the usual price:

• The company's shares are a bargain at the current level.

• He made a lot of money by buying houses at bargain prices and reselling them.

2. COMMERCE an agreement between two people or groups to do something in return for something else:

• Management and unions have managed to strike a bargain whereby unions have accepted more flexible working in return for better pay.

• Football is important to Sky TV, and the clubs will now try to drive a hard bargain (= make a bargaining agreement very much to their advantage ) on future TV rights.

ˌDutch ˈbargain COMMERCE
a deal giving all of the advantage to one side
3. FINANCE an occasion when particular shares, bonds etc are bought or sold on a financial market. The number of bargains in a particular period of time is one measurement of the level of economic activity:

• In government securities, the number of bargains per day has averaged nearly 3,300.

  [m0] II. bargain bargain 2 verb [intransitive]
to discuss the conditions of a sale, agreement etc in order to get the greatest advantage for yourself

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bargain UK US /ˈbɑːgɪn/ noun [C]
COMMERCE something that is on sale at a lower price than usual: »

The airline regularly offers last-minute bookings at bargain prices.

an agreement between two people or groups in which each promises to do something in exchange for something else: strike/make a bargain »

The management and employees eventually struck a bargain.

See also DUTCH BARGAIN(Cf. ↑Dutch bargain)
COMMERCE a situation in which two or more people agree on a price that something is sold at: strike a bargain »

They felt that the offer was too low but after some negotiation they eventually struck a bargain.

STOCK MARKET in the UK, an act of buying or selling shares on the London Stock Exchange: »

After the bargain is completed, the broker will want to know when payment will be made.

into the bargain — Cf. into the bargain
bargain UK US /ˈbɑːgɪn/ verb [I]
COMMERCE, HR to discuss something with somebody, for example a price or a rate of pay, in order to get an agreement that is of advantage to you: bargain (with sb) (for/over sth) »

Unions bargain with employers for better rates of pay each year.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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